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How can I be certain that this will work for me?

Nothing’s ever for certain, but our proven result rate is! We work on a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so this is absolutely risk free for you. Your success is directly tied to us maintaining you as a client, so you can be sure that we do our absolute best when we work for you. We are confident and do not want our time to be wasted any more than you do; this means inevitable results for both YOU and US.

What can your service do for me that I can’t do by myself?

Our goal is simple – digital marketing that gets you more leads, more business, and more customers.

We are experts at what we do. You have your business to focus on, and may not have the time and expertise to produce relevant and steady content. We can help you differentiate your brand from the competition, and may be confused about where to start. We can help you through all this.

We are essentially a profit center for our clients and have designed this package to sustainably help your business attract new customers and get returns in the form of profits, not just follows and comments that don’t pay the bills!

What is the minimum period I am expected to subscribe for?

Newly signed companies are expected to subscribe for a 3-month minimum package. This period is crucial as this is when we get to know you and your company, laying the basis for our campaign and deciding on the best course of action. The data we continue to collect will determine whether we need to change our course of action or how it can be optimized.

Most clients are looking for instant results, but that simply isn’t possible. Digital marketing and organic reach take time and effort to build, and every now and then the campaign might need to be readdressed. For example, the feedback online may not be proportional to the rate of sales. In cases like these, we may have to pull back and reassess the solution. It’s quite like a medical checkup- it takes a bit of back-and-forth before the symptoms can be correctly identified and treated!

Am I allowed to terminate the contract?

Certain circumstances may force you to opt out of the agreement, and we understand that. We provide for you to cancel the contract, as long as you give us a 2 month notice.

Once I sign up, what else do you need from me?

Once you’re on board, we will send you an in-depth brand questionnaire that asks you about your business, goals, ideal customers, interests, and values. The more specific you are with your answers, the easier it will be to create content that’s engagingand captures the essence of your brand.

We will also ask of you to share relevant pictures and logos, once the content plan is set. The content we create for you will be unique from any other brand, tailored especially to suit you.

Is signing up for a long-term contract necessary?

Our efforts and are focused on generating new leads, enquiries and sales. We strongly recommend long term commitment because the longer we work with you, the better we work together and produce results that progressively get improved. This is why most clients sign up for an annual package.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, we guarantee a fixed benchmark; we don’t expect you to pay unless we achieve this.