Our 6 Fix Tips on giving your Real Estate Business a Surreal Makeover!

How Can You Boos Your Real Estate Leads Using Digital Media Marketing.

Back before the internet was a thing, working in Real Estate essentially meant one-on-one meetings and setting up shop waiting for clients to drop by. If you still think this is the way to go, it’s probably time for a Realty check because setting up a flashy office and praying for a visitor won’t fly in today’s market. To stay ahead of the competition and grab clients; attention, one necessarily has to reach in right through their mobile screen.

These are the top tips we recommend to get your company noticed:


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6 Fixes

Get your website fixed ASAP!

Turn Online Platforms into Potent Business Tools

Work on your Social Presence

Pay for a Professional Photographer

Get out there and Connect!

Focus on Niche Appeal

Fix 1:

Get your website fixed ASAP!

Every digital marketing guide prescribes a fresh website makeover, and there’s an excellent reason why. Any potential client will first look you up online, and not having a bright and attractive platform will lose you customers. A good website with a fluid interface, professional layout and engaging content has the power to turn visitors into trusting clients. Make sure your company address and contact information are listed; a slick website is of no use if clients can’t reach out to you!

Fix 2:

Turn Online Platforms into Potent Business Tools

The trick is to help your client experience the property in question from the comfort of their homes. Offer virtual tours of the property that lets them understand the space before visiting, saving them precious time. Collaborate with a professional who is good at creating comprehensive, excellent quality virtual tours that are flattering but stay true to the space.

Another great way to attract visitors is to host Webinars and tutorials on different topics: ‘What to look out for while searching for the ideal property’ or ‘ Selecting a home that’s perfect for your family ‘. This is the

best way to reach out to many people with minimal effort and maximum impact. You can also write guest articles for online magazines and blogs, collaborate with others in the field; work with ideas that help express your expertise. This allows clients to identify and trust you quickly.

Fix 3:

Work on your Social Presence

Social media is where your future clients are, so get out there and connect. Turn your platforms into a digital reflection of what you do: projects, properties, and the services you offer. Make sure to post consistently; casual yet dignified. Don't be afraid to interact on a personal basis: this is key to gaining your client’s trust.

Empathize with whom you’re looking to attract. The real estate business often deals with emotional decisions, so make sure your social media caters to this. People are sure to be excited about their future home. By including social media sharing tags on the pictures on your website, you can essentially lay a trail of crumbs across the internet that leads clients back to you.

Create a Pinterest board that accurately communicates the standard of quality you hope to maintain.Setup chat-bots on your website that converse with visitors on a personalized basis. There are many ways by which you can optimize social media to its fullest potential; the trick is to select the ones that work best for you and your clientele!

Fix 4:

Pay for a Professional Photographer

Don’t even both trying to set up an online presence if you don’t have good pictures to back it up. They are the primary way your clients get to experience the space without actually being there, so invest in a photographer who is excellent at his job.

Although impressive pictures can boost your business, fake ones can destroy it. NEVER allow your photographer to doctor images to make properties look better than they are. Once you lose a client’strust, gaining it back is hard work.

Remember, you’re selling spaces, not ideas, so employ someone who shares the same values as you when it comes to transparency and honesty in the business.

Fix 5:

Get out there and Connect!

Stay up-to-date with the changing trends in the market. What are people looking for in a home these days? What are the popular finishes and textures of the season? In an increasingly eco-conscious society, what are the sustainable business practices and environment certifications that can make your property more appealing to a client base looking for responsible building?

Attend local trade shows and connect. There are a lot of annual events that are the perfect opportunity to connect. The International Real Estate and Investment Show in the Middle East is an event in Abu Dhabi specialized in targeting investors and consumers. Other largescale conventions include Cityscape Global and the International HomeBuyer Fest, set to take place in the UAE.

Always have a professionally designed business card with you at all times. This small slip of paper can go a long way in making unexpected contacts so if yours is outdated, don't wait for your stack to run out. Have a fresh one designed as soon as you can!

Fix 6:

Focus on Niche Appeal

It’s crucial that you identify the type of clients that you're aiming to attract and hope to work for and target them in your marketing tactics. By doing this, you can set yourself apart from the mainstream competition and come off as being more approachable and relevant to potential clients with specific needs.

Stay updated on properties that allow tenants to keep pets. Make sure that you’re equipped to help large families on a budget looking for a comfortable home. Be ready for when an elderly couple approaches you for a home that’s easily accessible in a wheelchair. Establish yourself as a problem solver who’s got answers, and you won’t have to work very hard to gain a following.

We are in the business of fabricating versatile digital experiences that deliver measurable results and help our clients leave a lasting impression. To know more about what we do, talk to us. If you found these tips useful or know someone whom this could help, share it with them today!