Is your Website Captivating and Easy to Navigate?

Nearly 40% of people will not bother trying to navigate a poorly made site, they will just leave.
Website functionality is just as important as design, and with our superb user-oriented interfaces, your audiences will never fumble around your site again!

Your website's your 24 hour salesperson, so it needs to do the job well.

A poorly made website is like setting up a storefront with an English speaking salesperson in China. It just won’t work, and you will lose out on loads of potential customers and sales because your website did not entice them to stay.

Is the loading speed too long? Do you have too many videos? Do the combination of colours induce a headache? Are there too many buttons and external links that confuse the visitor? Is the website too complicated or boringly simple?

We are here to help you strike the perfect balance between everything! Moreover, we will help your site rise in search results ranks through our superb SEO practices.

At Brand Platforms, we understand the importance of audience retention, and attracting new audiences. We understand that a maze of a website is perfect to drive people away and we want to show you that with us, you can get an excellent website that guides your visitor naturally through your brand story and your products.

What you get with us

  • A great domain name
  • Dedicated server hosting plans
  • An optimised content management system
  • An engaging and memorable user interface
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Optimised for mobiles

Do you want a functional website that acts as a superb salesperson round the clock?