Generate ‘Better Than Ever’ Leads for Your Interior Design Business: Here’s How

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Let’s start with an important question – Have you cracked the ‘lead generation’ code for your interior design business? There are certain channels for lead generation that will help you big time if you own an interior design studio or if you’re anyway related to interior designing. Just to give you a hint of how much you can scale through excellent lead generation, there’s a company we closely work with and they were able to grow their revenue from 12-14 million AED per year to more than 400 million yearly in a duration of 6 years! That’s an increase of more than 33 times!

This is how magical ‘good’ lead generation can prove to be. But, it doesn’t happen overnight. It needs constant effort along with monitoring and analysis. In this blog, we’ll throw some light on how you can do it and generate ‘Better than Ever’ leads for your interior design business.

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Judging the Quality of Leads

As an interior design company, we are sure that you must be generating leads. But, how do you make sure that you generate only the best quality leads? For that matter, how do you judge the quality of leads? So, there’s something called the sales qualified leads. 

There are a number of leads that you generate but are all of them genuinely interested in your business? This has been solved by the concept of sales qualified leads. Sales qualified leads have a very high chance of converting into customers because of their intention. But identifying those leads is a challenge that you have to take. Here are some channels and strategies that will help you.

Content - The deciding factor

Content marketing is crucial for the interior design industry in order to generate the best quality leads. But, the problem is that many companies mistake content with text only. There are various forms of content that can be created. These include – podcasts, videos, infographics, e-books, blogs, webinars etc. However, only creating content won’t help. It’s all about how you can drive engagement through the content and more importantly, how you can educate your potential customers. Your content should provide value to your audiences and it should provide useful information (the audiences should find it to be useful). One technique that you can particularly use for generating leads through your content is creating ‘Gated Content’. This type of content allows you to collect the information of your potential customers and gives you additional opportunities to target them and convert them.

Optimisation is the key

Let’s start with search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a fact that more than 90% of the online experiences start with a search engine and as quoted by a renowned data analysis platform, more than 96% of the search engine users search online for a local business. So, it’s pretty evident that optimising the search engine is important for your business. Besides this, you have to focus on the local SEO. However, this is just the first step. 

After a user or your potential customer finds your website or landing in their search results (because of your SEO efforts) then, they will definitely visit your website and this is where the main play starts. We’re talking here about website optimization. The website needs to be designed in a way that your potential customers get converted into actual customers. It’s not easy, but that’s what your business needs to generate the best quality leads!

Better it with a ‘Community’

Social media not only provides an avenue to post your content, but has additional hidden value as well that can only be unlocked with engaging content and proper content marketing. If your content is truly helpful for your potential customers, then it’s time for you to maximize your lead generation potential through it. 

Community building takes time and consistent effort, but once it is achieved it produces results way beyond expectations. Because, then you don’t have to put in much effort in spreading the word. People who become the part of the community will automatically do it for you!

Taking the inorganic route

While it is good to grow organically, a balanced amount of paid advertising will only be beneficial for your interior design business. Pay Per Click advertising showcasing some of your finished projects or what you can do differently will bring in more qualified leads and more quickly as compared to what you are able to generate normally. Advertising on social media is another good option to generate targeted leads. 

In both the forms of paid advertising mentioned above, you will be able to target the audiences based on demographics, location, recent online activity etc. This increases your prospects by manifold. However, you have set your expectations based on your budget and you need to make sure that you utilize your budget effectively. How exactly do you ensure that?

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How Brand Platforms Can Help You Change The Game!

Generating sales qualified leads is a tough job, but not for us! Brand Platforms has a service line called Engage. Engage is your one stop solution to best quality lead generation. It is based on Account Based Marketing and uses intelligent frameworks such as BANT and ICP to generate top quality leads for your interior design business.

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Wish to know more about Engage? Get your free consultation today and get started!
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 Brand Platforms is the leading digital marketing firm in Dubai that specializes in top quality lead generation for the design and build industry. Engage, is the flagship product of Brand Platforms that is a one-stop intelligent solution for all your lead generation needs.

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