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Case Study

How would a clothing store that markets to younger women reach them?

The answer is not just social media, it is a mixture of trendy marketing across multiple platforms.


We were approached by a fashion brand who wanted to take their brick and mortar store online. Their market was young women, and they offer unique pieces for young audiences.

A brand like this needs brand awareness, audience building, seasonal sales promos, to increase conversions and revenue.

Now, what’s a great channel to show young women and girls what they’re missing out on?

The answer is optimised ad campaigns, and a great website.


Googs ads and social media marketing campaigns, when done right will bring them awareness like no other. If they are not found by their right audience, they won’t make sales to their right audience.

Some great platforms to carry out social media marketing for such a visual brand would be visual sites and apps, and what’s better than Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok?


Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok are the platforms where women will definitely see these ads.

The catch is that marketing should not be done for the sake of marketing, it needs to be done excellently to show results.

From ideation, to creation, execution then tracking analytics, our team worked tirelessly to produce a website and social media plan that drove ROI for them.

Furthermore, we optimised an ad campaign personalised to their brand, so their audience found them wherever they went!

The best part? They sat back and relaxed, we found your clients, gauged their interest, interacted with them, warmed them up, made sales, and everything else. We will do as much or as little as you want!

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