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Case Study

There are vintage collectors all over the world who turn to the internet to discover their next perfect find.

How will a brand differentiate itself in a market with practically infinite sellers?

There is a reason branding has risen to fame in the world of business. It is a brand’s personal identity, its values captured in words and pictures, and it is what helps customers relate to the product they see on screen.


Great content sells well, but content as a standalone part of digital marketing will not do much.

Especially for a vintage jewellery business, where customers expect to see the story behind the piece, its history and ownership, showcasing just the piece will not be enough.

They wanted more exposure, more buyers, and a better brand name.


This is where digital content marketing strategies and email marketing have made their mark.

Everything from social media posts to Google Ads and emails is content. How is it written? Designed? Optimised? Boosted? Tracked? Improved?

These are the parts of a strategy that drives online sales, and these are the processes that we undertook for them to see a great change in their social media and online presence.


When it comes to email marketing, absolutely any platform can produce results when the email templates are made beautifully, if the content is catchy, and call to actions are prominent.

We used MailChimp and ZOHO to achieve email marketing results.

Social media is powerful but marketing to the wrong audience will get you nowhere. A vintage jewellery business’s audience is usually well read, not youngsters. They are unlikely to be there on Tiktok, but Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest were lucrative for us.

So you see, we carried out a complete campaign for them, the results speak for themselves.

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