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What Design & Build Industry will Achieve on Social Media in 2023! (Avoid FOMO)

Build Industry will Achieve on Social Media in 2023

If you belong to the design and build industry i.e. you are an interior design company or a fitout company, or a construction company or if you’re an architect, then this blog is going to be quite relevant and useful for you. UAE already had one of the highest internet and social media usage rates in the world with more than 99% of the population using social media. The country is experiencing a further growth in terms of social media penetration and if a latest report is to be believed, the number of social media users in the UAE has touched 10.65 million in 2022 (which is 106% of the population) which means that not only everybody is using social media but people have multiple social media accounts.

 This presents a huge opportunity for the businesses in the UAE. The tremendous amount of social media penetration can be used by the design and build industry to not just achieve but smash their social media goals in 2023! But, before we start talking about what the design and build industry can achieve this year, we should talk about the fact that whether the companies have set social media goals for themselves or not. If not, this means the companies have not yet realized the potential of social media. And this also means that those companies which have already realized that, are bound to be ahead of others.

Social Media Goals for the Design & Build Industry

If you belong to the design and build industry in the UAE and you haven’t set social media goals for yourself, then you are missing out on a tremendous growth opportunity. In fact, you are laying a path for yourself to trail behind your competitors! However, you still have a fair chance if you start thinking about it now and take action.

To help you out, we have listed here some goals that you can achieve through social media as part of the design and build industry in 2023. These goals are indicative of the industry and you can customize them based on your size of business, position in the industry etc.

Communication Goals

Social media has made communication faster and easier than ever. Customers are now capable of contacting the customer service representatives faster and more easily just because of social media. The companies on the other hand can also receive and review complaints from the customers and also respond to them. Besides this, social media has also enabled something called real-time reviews. So, 2023 is all about making the communication more streamlined, seamless and using it to your advantage. As a design and build company you can make the most of it!

Branding Goals

Social media has the quality to induce humanization or personification in brands. Specially, in the past few years it has been proved that social media has helped in making brands more relatable by providing them with likeliness and vibe. The reason behind this is the basic human instinct of trusting the experts and relying on one another. For eg. if you’re an architect, your customers will trust you more if you have been designing buildings for more than a decade. When you keep sharing information about your work on social media, the human instinct is triggered. So, 2023 is all about taking your branding to the next level by utilizing the power of social media.

Content Goals

Sharing valuable content with the right people is the key to a brand’s success. As discussed previously about the personification or humanization element, that element can be brought in with the help of social media by creating good quality content. Remember, promoting and sharing great content will not just attract people, but will help them stay loyal to your brand as well! 

If you think that just cool photographs will do it, you’re wrong. You have to think outside the box. So, 2023 is all about producing great content, sharing it with the right people through social media and setting new content benchmarks for your company.

Lead Generation Goals

Many companies and marketers still think that social media is great only for brand awareness. However, it is a great driver lead generation as well (directly and indirectly). Most of the social media platforms have evolved with time now, they are more powerful than ever in assisting to generate leads. Call to actions provided on the brand pages and posts are a good example for this. 

It’s now on the companies and brands as to how they use social media to convert their network into leads. The design and build industry is using social media effectively for this purpose but a lot of potential is still unused. And, this is the opportunity for you! So, 2023 is all about generating lots of leads and exponentially improving that conversion rate from social media.

Many design and build companies miss out on this front and it’s understandable. Clicking a perfect picture or shooting a video of the project and then editing the image or footage to perfection, that’s a lot of work. You may not have the time and resources to do it, but the good news is that we do!

Thought Leadership Goals

Let your brand or founder lead the conversation whenever they can on social media. For this, you’ll have to make sure that their opinions are properly staged and presented. Especially in the design and build industry, people (customers and potential customers) are looking for advice. Let your brand come to their rescue. 

Shoutouts, referrals and backlinks are some of the ways of promoting thought leadership and also the means of getting into it. So, 2023 is all about achieving your thought leadership goals through social media.

3C Goals (Company, Customer & Competition)

The 3C model is quite a popular marketing management model and this can be applied effectively through social media for your company. There is a correlation between social media popularity and SEO. Also, you can use it to stay up to date and informed about the latest market trends. Your customers can know about your latest finished projects and what you’re up to. In fact, it’s easy to get their feedback through social media and work on it. 

What marketing tactics are being applied by your direct competitors? This question can now be very easily answered because of social media. You can learn from your competitors and avoid making the same mistakes. If you can successfully apply the 3C model to your brand through social media, you’ll be way ahead of your competition before they know it!

Ready, Steady, Go!

It’s time for action now. 2023 is already here and it’s all up to you to ensure that this is not just another year, and you make the most of it to achieve your social media goals. Now that we have explained to you what the industry is up to in 2023, you can take a clue and set goals for yourself. If you feel that it’s too much to do or get confused on the way, don’t worry and let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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