Case Study

Was it a Sales Problem? Or a Marketing Deficiency?

We solved both for this homegrown interior design and fitout brand.

Every brand needs a boost sometimes, but it is hard to ask for help when you don't know what part of your business you are going wrong with. This is why we reach out to people all over the world and offer our clearly defined services to help them troubleshoot, and eventually succeed.

One of these packages id digital marketing: our Enrich package consists of everything from website build and development to social media, email marketing, SEO and tracking analytics, and this is the package that turned the face of La Firma around.

In 2010, Khawla had a vision. She wanted to provide highly customised interior design, fit out and build services to people in the UAE. Her vision was extravagant, stylish, and needed a lot of help.

The women-owned business was doing okay, but she knew it could be doing better.

So she approached us for an all encompassing digital solution.


La Firma was looking for more than short term boosts in sales, they wanted an industry presence, an online footing, and customer base so loyal that their brand was recognisable no matter where they went.We at Brand Platforms know that to achieve this, you have to play your digital cards right.In an online world, not marketing online is like trying to ride a boat on a dry road. It just will not work. But digital solutions are easier said than done. There are 110 things to be done that any company cannot do on its own properly without losing out on their core business. Luckily, with our help, La Firma got a chance to consult us and completely revamp their website, from design to content, we did it all for them, while staying true to their brand feel and values.

From then on all it took was some splendidly executed SEO to start placing them on top on search engines, this was the beginning of the success for their vision. Next, we targeted their social media. They had a social presence, but it was not something that got heads turning and people talking. After assigning a great social media marketing executive, content creation team, and engaging with their new audience, their followers started booming too. We also curated an email, WhatsApp, and social ads campaign for their reach to really be felt far and wide

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La Firma is a very visual brand. They create art with their furniture arrangements which cannot be captured with just words. To help their audience taste the beauty through their eyes, we employed a great photography, videography and graphic design team to bring their visions to life. This content was then posted on all channels that were the most lucrative, this was Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and with some email marketing magic, their industry presence was finally being felt.

All it took was a comprehensive analysis of their brand, social presence, and industry standards to determine the best course of action for La Firma. They were shooting arrows in the dark, and we lit the path for them.

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If you're in the interior design and fit out world, and want to sell even better, contact us!
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The answer is not just social media, it is a mixture of trendy marketing across multiple platforms.


Content Creation Virtual Assistant
Content is the king, they say. In that sense Dido is the king maker. Our virtual assistant will provide outstanding content for your website, social media or wherever you require. Dido will make sure that your digital presence is enhanced by great content! Many people get mistaken with polished vocabulary as great content. It’s actually not about how difficult words you use, it’s about the expression. How easily is your message conveyed to your target audience and how you could get the intended result. Your content should have a purpose. Our virtual assistant will help you define that purpose and then achieve it. When we produce content for you, it shall speak for itself!
Graphic Designing Virtual Assistant
Dido has been designed to help you out with your business’s graphic designing needs. Visual appeal is crucial for for a business to survive and our virtual assistant is the best partner that you can get in this case. And, guess what? Its flexibility makes it even better! What we mean by that is from something as minimal as a logo design to designing all the illustrations for your website, landing pages, social media to designing your marketing and brand collaterals.
SEO Virtual Assistant
Dido is an amazing partner when it comes to boosting your digital marketing efforts. As a virtual marketing assistant it will take care of your search engine optimisation. For a business it is crucial these days that the right SEO techniques are applied so that you can beat the competition. SEO is your gateway to driving quality traffic to your website or landing pages. As your virtual assistant Dido will research the right keywords for you and will help you rank higher on the search engine. You will start seeing the results sooner compared to any other SEO service provider in the UAE. And, we’ll not just help you rank higher on the search engine, we’ll make sure that you get the right traffic, quality traffic that can help you with lead generation and sales.
Email Marketing Virtual Assistant
Dido is a virtual marketing assistant that’s simply amazing when it comes to email marketing. Drafting email marketing campaigns and executing them is something that our virtual assistant has mastered. Whether it is mass communication (bulk targeting) with a generic message or account based marketing with a specific message, Dido will do it flawlessly for you! email marketing is an orthodox method to target your current and potential customers but it is still effective. Be it regular newsletters or promotional campaigns, just tell us what you want and we shall do it for you. Also, if you lack a proper database for carrying out campaigns, we can help you with that as well.
Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant
Dido is also a perfect virtual assistant for social media management and marketing. There are various social media platforms, but all of them may not be perfect for your business (that’s actually impossible). However, it is important for you to understand your target audience and the social media platform that they prefer. There are various factors which affect the success of a business or brand on social media. Also, social media needs constant management and tracking. Our virtual marketing assistant is very intelligent and will do all that for you full time. Not just the metrics, it will help you keep up with the latest trends and all the factors that will help achieve consistently better results on social media platforms.
Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Let Dido – your perfect virtual marketing assistant handle the digital marketing tasks for you. From planning ads for your digital marketing campaigns to executing them and making sure that your presence on the internet is enhanced. Dido is capable enough to do it all for you! Your digital presence is vital and here we are specifically referring to your presence on the search engine. How do people locate your business, how do they contact you, how do they come to know about you and finally which products or services do they buy from you. All this is important to track and our virtual marketing assistant will do it for you!

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