Case Study
They were just looking for more clients, but we gave them a revolutionised brand.
Pet salons need a pick-me-up too!
Great marketing does not come easy to some, but making per owners, and their fuzzy clients, does.
That is why we were approached by a pet grooming salon, asking for advice and tips on what they could do differently to drive more sales. They wanted to scale, expand, and open a few new branches within the city.
What they asked for, is exactly what we specialise in. We started with reworking their website, which was generic, common, and not very informational. We turned that around, and with a bit of quality SEO, they had more furry friends coming through their door!
Their social media was existent, but dry and did not have personality. We showed them the difference that great video marketing makes, as a pet grooming salon can produce a lot of videos that people love to watch.
Channels and tactics
A pet grooming salon’s business is very visual, it is based on before and after and showing the world the difference they can make with just a haircut.
For that reason, we chose the most video and picture oriented sites like Instagram and TikTok to show the process, the fun they have, and happy clients and customers. Their click rates blew up!
Your strategy will be brand specific, we do not market blindly on all platforms, we pick and choose the ones with most promise. A great website is a great starting point, but their social media presence was more important.

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