Case Study
Who looks for vegan beauty products? Environmentally conscious women.
Who should you be marketing to? The question answers itself.
The important thing when it comes to selling distinguished products like these is showcasing authenticity. People who want to buy authenticity will first search for it online.
A vegan beauty store approached us to revamp their online presence. They realised they were not reaching their audience potential, and they wanted to go international.
The best way to appear in consumer search results? Excellent SEO, capturing websites, and engaging socials. But the strategy does not end there.
Clicking on the website is not enough, the website needs to entice them to stay. Then the content and visuals need to sell. And who optimised their content and tracked their website traffic and conversion analytics?
We did!
Channels and tactics
With a combination of optimised websites, socials, ads and engagement, new customers did not stop rolling in.
Our solution was Website Design & Development, Paid Social Campaign Creation & Monitoring, Organic Social Media Content and Email Marketing
Sounds good? Because it is.

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