The marketing basics for beginner law firms

Become a client magnet in 2023

Propelling your law firm above your competition in the legal domain seems like a herculean task to many! The highly competitive market forces most law firms to remove their barrister’s gowns and put on marketing coats from time to time, especially during their ‘jurisdictional growth’ phase.

With the passage of time, most law firms plead guilty of failure in executing smart marketing strategies and succumb to ‘word of mouth’ publicity alone. Some law firms absolutely bail on marketing, and pledge an oath to devote themselves entirely to local networking events.

Are these basic practices bad for your law firm? Absolutely not!

‘GOOD isn’t good enough: Implement the BEST strategies to stand out.’

We’d like to substantiate our argument with the following exhibits:

Exhibit A: Increasing Number of Law Firms– The legal industry has seen a steady growth in the number of law firms over the years. This has contributed to a highly competitive landscape, particularly in larger cities or regions with dense legal markets.
Exhibit B: Market Saturation– Some jurisdictions or practice areas may experience market saturation, where the supply of law firms exceeds the demand for legal services. This intensifies competition among firms to secure clients and cases.
Lawyer's Marketing Strategy Plan
Exhibit C: Specialty Areas– Certain practice areas, such as corporate law, intellectual property, and technology law, tend to be highly competitive due to their lucrative nature and high demand. Firms specializing in these areas often face intense competition from both large and boutique firms.
Exhibit D: Client Expectations- Clients now have higher expectations for legal services, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and specialization. Law firms need to differentiate themselves by providing added value, innovative solutions, and exceptional client service to stay competitive.
Now that our motion is substantiated, Let us delve into smart marketing strategies that will help you grow your law firm and transform you into a client magnet!

Tips to create a website for your law firm: Level the playing field

The evolved, modern age law firms are online and so are their potential, high paying clients. If you are not on the bandwagon, You soon go under it. According to the American Bar Association’s 2022 Legal Marketing Report, 87% of law firms have a website. This number has been steadily increasing in recent years, as more and more clients are using the internet to find legal services. The remaining 13% of law firms do not have a website. These firms are at a significant disadvantage, as they are less likely to be found by potential clients.

A well crafted website loaded with resourceful and prospect centric content sends a powerful message, and creates an irrefutable sense of authority.

To be compendious, it changes your narrative!

Here are some key elements that you need to incorporate into your law firm’s website:

marketing basics for beginner law firms

Create landing pages for legal services: Become the legal magnet

Your landing page introduces your business on the internet. The content you choose for it might make or break your law firm. A prospect could buy services from you with just a click of a button!
Before getting into the specifics, We suggest you take a step back and analyze your law firm in order to find out specific answers to these two questions:

a. Does your law firm have a BIG promise you can keep?

b. What legal service can you sell with the least friction?

Once you get the answer to these questions, Creating a compelling landing page is easy!

How to create an effective landing page for your law firm?

Here are some game changing tips to help you create the best landing page for your firm:
Your call to action must be highly intriguing. Some examples of effective CTA’s for law firms are: “Book Your Free Consultation Today”, “Ready to Fight for Your Rights? Contact Us Now!”,
“Don’t Face Legal Challenges Alone – Let Us Be Your Advocate!”, “Maximize Your Compensation – Connect with Our Personal Injury Lawyers!”.

Optimizing Local SEO for your law firm: Boost your visibility

Optimizing your local SEO helps you rank high in local searches. This attracts local clients and gives a strong boost to your law firm’s jurisdictional credibility. Here are some tips to optimize local SEO:
law firms seo

Build a strong review deck: Trust breeds conversions

According to studies, 93% of customers say that their purchase decisions are deeply influenced by online reviews. When looking to be associated with a law firm, a prospect would definitely like to see some social proof. Encourage your satisfied clients to spread the word by posting their review about you and make a special request to mention the name of their attorney as well. It is a major relief for a prospect to see that your law firm has changed lives, so that they can trust you with theirs.

Are you ready skyrocket your law firm’s success?

Now that you are presented with our assets, We’d like to bring it to your notice that all these strategies are tested and proven true by experts at Brand Platforms.

Our team of experts strongly suggest you dabble with some of these strategies by yourself. Once you get a whiff of the great results these strategies could bring you, You would surely end up wanting for more!

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The answer is not just social media, it is a mixture of trendy marketing across multiple platforms.


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